A Compelling look at FDA cleared devices that safely treat Neuropathy at the Root Cause

Why Symptoms Can Worsen Despite Being On MEDICATION & what to do about it.
Improve YOUR BALANCE Dramatically! – Stop or slow it from getting worse.
DECREASE numbness & tingling sensations in your hands & feet.

Dr. William Ferris, DC or
Dr. Derek Johnstone, DC

You will be introduced to an evidence based protocol using FDA cleared devices for the successful treatment of Neuropathic Pain syndromes.

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Even Medical Doctor’s are using our Evidence Based Protocols for their nerve pain.

“I am delighted to write for Dr. Bill Ferris and his dedicated team of caregivers. I am a board certified medical physician and due to my profession, I had over time stresses to my lower back. For 3 years I was treated by a number of other chiropractors, physical therapy, back exercises and pain management.

I saw a neurosurgeon, had a MRI and yet the standard treatments remained ineffective. The nerve pain was effecting my leisure activity, my golf game and even sitting for 15 minutes was painful. Driving was very difficult. My wife heard about deep tissue laser after hearing Dr. Ferris on the radio and seeing newspaper ads offered by Modern Chiropractic.

What a professional office and team of caregivers. After a few sessions BINGO on day radiating nerve pain went down by 25%, following week by 50% and then gone before our European 2 week vacation in September. The best birthday gift I could have received. It’s been 3 months since then and I am pain free and my pleasure in playing golf is back.

It was well worth the cost of treatment. I am truly thankful for the entire team at Modern Chiropractic & Pain Relief. Keep up the great work!”
— Tarun Kothari, MD

Modern Chiropractic’s Treatment Protocol for Neuropathy

At Modern Chiropractic, we offer laser treatments* to relieve pain and restore quality of life. The main benefit of laser therapy is that it can help to increase circulation around damaged nerves and can help to bring those nerves back ‘online’.

However, this is only one aspect of our treatment protocol to help reduce pain. Other treatments we offer to treat neuropathy include nutrition and blood work, vibration therapy, infrared therapy* and chiropractic adjustments.

*The treatments and equipment we use are FDA approved.

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Why Consider Modern Chiropractic to Treat Your Neuropathy?

At Modern Chiropractic, we believe that a pain free body leads to a better quality of life and are committed to collaborating with other health care professionals in hopes of providing the people of Rochester, NY and surrounding areas with the very best in scientific, evidence based, alternative health care and pain relief solutions. When you visit our practice, our goal is your goal.


Our team is highly experienced and regularly participates in on-going education.

Level of Care

We go the extra mile to help our patients achieve pain relief, overall wellness and improved quality of life.

Advanced Technology

With the rise of the opioid epidemic, we are using new technology to provide alternative methods of pain relief.

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Neuropathy Seminar

There’s no need to prolong pain. To learn about the options avaliable to treat neuropathy, attend our seminar on November 12th at 12:15pm

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